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104 N Hutchinson Rd
Spokane Valley, WA 99212
United States

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Be sure to mention "ANDREW GMB" to get any service this month for $160!!!  

How we detail a car in Spokane Valley to create a mirror shine 

Why don't car washes keep cars looking detailed? Water marks from car washes give paint a dull appearance. Here's the process we use to get your car detailed and looking brand new: 

1) The first thing we do is make sure all scratch protection fundamentals are reviewed and executed. 

2) Then we start with a deliberate pre-rinse. 

3) Next comes the soap soak. We let the soap soak and run off the car before doing anything else. It helps pull the dirt from the top to the bottom of the car. 

4) We start with a hand wash next and we never wash in circles because if there are any particles they could create circular scratches that are easily seen later and hard to remove. 

5) Time for the rinse. We make sure the rinse is tripled down so all of the soap residue is removed. 

6) Clay bar has to come next. We don't short cut the process. It has to be done by hand to remove all of the contaminants that surface from the wash. 

7) Back to soap! The clay bar is going to loosen up a lot of particles that need to be cleared from the vehicle. 

8) Ok, now we have to fully dry the car so we can audit the paint for deeper imperfections. We don't use tools because they can cause damage to the clear coat. 

9) Paint inspection - the paint has to be inspected for defects so the right steps can be taken to remove them. 

10) Fix the scratches - we go with 3000 and 5000 grit to wet sand and then only use polish if necessary, because polish is actually an abrasive that removes clear coat. 

11) Get the paint popping like its brand new! We use sealant and micro fiber towels to get the paint looking like a mirror! 

12) BUFF - after the sealant is applied we buff the entire vehicle and carefully hand brush decals to make sure the entire car is looking like it did in the show room!

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Truck Detailing Tips and Tricks in Spokane Valley

1) Make sure the temperature is between 60 and 80 degrees. Hot temperatures can do more harm than good when 

2) Flush the chassis and undercarriage thoroughly 

3) Soak the undercarriage before starting anywhere else 

4) Be sure to hit the wheel wells and the interior of the wheel wells 

5) Don't spray to close to the paint if you use high pressure. It will remove the clear coat. 

6) Beware of areas that have grease. Don't put high pressure in those areas. 

7) Be sure the motor is running when you clean the engine. Spray with degreaser first, allow a few minutes to dry, and then follow with a very low pressure rinse. 

8) Make sure drain holes in your doors are not clogged 

9) Tire shine on the spare will help prevent it from getting brittle and worn down 

10) Follow our other tips on car detailing to get a show room finish! 

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Spokane Valley Car Detailing secret to detail tires and wheels 

Use products with acrylic instead of silicone and follow these steps. Put on gloves because the cleaning products will stain your hands. 

1) Wash the tires and wheels with a specific tire and wheel cleaner and a sponge to deep clean 

2) Rinse and let the tires air dry 

3) Apply the tire and wheel shine products with a sponge applicator and let it air dry 

4) If 1 coat doesn't do the trick, just repeat step 3 

Be sure to mention "ANDREW GMB" to get any service this month for $160!!!  

Best tips for Headlight Restoration for Cars & Trucks in Spokane Valley

1) Start with gritty toothpaste, preferably a brand that has peroxide, and you can use a tooth brush to brush it in (a drimmel on low setting works too but be careful because it can burn the plastic) 

2) Use a dry towel to buff off the tooth paste 

3) Apply a wax to make sure the cleaned lenses are protected and don't turn yellow again 

4) Repeat steps 1-3 if the headlights aren't as clear as you expected 

Be sure to mention "ANDREW GMB" to get any service this month for $160!!!  

How to detail glass 

1) Clean off the windshield in small areas with any glass cleaner and a soft micro fiber towel 

2) Clean in small circles in many different directions 

3) Get out the clay bar and clean with warm water, not cool or cold water. The clay bar should slide smoothly, if it doesn't you need to keep cleaning the area in random circular motions to remove the dirt particles. 

4) Dry the windshield with micro fiber towels and be sure to not leave lint behind 

5) Wax the windshield, it will help prevent bug splat from sticking to the windshield and even rain - be sure to let it dry for 5 minutes 

6) Check the wax for dryness by wiping it with your finger. If it comes off without smudging it is ready to buff off. If it smudges you need to wait another 5 minutes before checking the wax. 

7) Once the wax is dry be sure to buff the wax off by hand and then follow up again with a new dry towel to be sure the wax is cleaned perfectly. 

Be sure to mention "ANDREW GMB" to get any service this month for $160!!!  

Interior Car Detailing Best of the Best Fundamentals explained from Spokane Valley

1) Start off with the right tools: micro fiber towels, brushes, and your favorite cleaning products 

2) Get the grime off of steering wheels and gear shifters fast. Spray some all purpose cleaner on a gum brush and start to agitate the area in circular motions. Wipe off with a dry micro fiber towel, and then repeat until the grime is removed. 

3) Use a soft paint brush to clean seats and dashboards. Be sure to wipe the areas off as you clean. Cleaning the interior is not the same as cleaning the exterior. 

4) If you have access to a steamer, use it next with a microfiber towel to deep clean consoles, seats, and buttons. 

5) Headliners are tricky to clean because they are glued in place. Be sure to blot clean, instead of deep scrubbing or rubbing. 

6) Door jamb kick panels are usually stronger plastic than other areas. If you have an automatic polisher, be sure to use it here. 

7) Use criss cross patterns when cleaning to lift deeply embedded dirt. 

8) Moisturize with the right conditioners to avoid cracking. 

9) Use fabric cleaner for carpets and the steam cleaner if you have one. The dirt has to be lifted to be removed. Scrub in opposing directions for the best results. Wipe clean with a dry micro fiber towel. A hot water extractor is a great way to finish the job. 

10) Don't neglect the hidden areas like seat tracks and glove box. 

Be sure to mention "ANDREW GMB" to get any auto detailing service in Spokane Valley this month for $160!!!  

104 N Hutchinson Rd
Spokane Valley, WA 99212
United States

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